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Metropolitan Jonah
Metropolitan Jonah
Metropolitan Jonah

OCA and Antiochian Archdiocese

"I think one of the most important things that could happen as a step toward the unity for the entire Orthodox community in America would be for the OCA and the self ruled Antiochian Archdiocese to come together into a single synod of bishops, a single church so that we can pursue together that common mission...we need to completely unify our efforts."  

Metropolitan Jonah, SVS Conference 06/20/09

Voices for Orthodox Unity in North America

Read articles by Metropolitan Phillip, Archbishop Nathaniel of Detroit, Fr. Thomas Hopko, and more, as published in A+G+A+I+N Magazine.

A statement on Orthodox unity was issued at the 48th convention of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America held in Montreal, Canada in July 2007.

 =>read resolution

 =>read Metropolitan Philip's comments


Unity Between the OCA and Antiochian Diocese
At the Extraordinary Assembly of the Diocese of Eastern Pennsylvania, Dr. David Ford, Assoc. Prof. @ St. Tikhon's Seminary, presented some preliminary ideas regarding unity between the OCA and the Antiochian Diocese.


Fr. Stephen recently returned from a conference at St. Vladimir Seminary regarding the future of our church. He found it educationally stimulating and spiritually inspiring. You are especially encouraged to check out the available podcasts on Ancient Faith Radio. If you have only time for one, please listen to Met. Jonah's address on Saturday, June 20th .

Full conference speakers index list and links are available here:

Video now available.

HISTORY: 1990 SCOBA Meeting at Ligonier

The Ligonier Meeting was a meeting of twenty-eight or twenty-nine Orthodox Christian hierarchs in North America (specifically those affiliated with SCOBA) held November 30 to December 2, 1994 at the Antiochian Village in Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

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