ECM Goal Setting Workshop - 03/29/23

Since September of 2022 five members of our parish family (Jaclynn Choma, Symeon Jekel, Sophia Kellachow, Lydia Mantle, and Fr. Stephen Vernak) have been participating in the Effective Christian Ministry (ECM) Cohort program offered by Y2AM (

ECM's mission is "To create transformative parish ministries for today’s young people living in today’s culture who are facing today’s challenges." Each week our team has been learning new tools to more effectively engage our youth and young adults, to learn about their needs, and the practices of faith that can help us draw ourselves and them closer to Jesus Christ.

From Wed, March 22 - Fri, March 24 we were joined by our ECM Coach, Emmanuel Maginas, for a goal setting workshop, to begin to develop our one year ministry plan for implementation in our parish, for the benefit of the young people in our care. Glory to God for all things - we can't wait to share more soon!