Great and Holy Wednesday - 04/08/15

Great and Holy Wednesday (Holy Unction)
On Wednesday, April 8th, the communities of Christ the Saviour and Holy Apostles Mission, gathered to celebrate the Mystery of Holy Unction - interceding the Lord’s mercy, and healing of soul and body. Dn. Seraphim Reynolds offered a beautiful homily, which prepared each of us to realize our own spiritual sicknesses and poverty, and to ask the Lord for healing!
Excerpt from the Third Prayer of Holy Unction
Yes, Lord, send forth from heaven your healing power; touch the body, quench the fever, calm the suffering and chase away every lurking infirmity. Be the physician of your servants; raise them up from their bed of pain and their couch of distress; give them to your Church safe and sound, well-pleasing to you and doing your will.