Sister Vassa - 10/19/16

On Wednesday, October 19th Sr. Vassa (Larin) returned to Harrisburg as part of her tour of the Diocese of Eastern PA. In the afternoon she participated in our weekly downtown Bible Study, as we discussed the Scripture readings for the service of Theophany. She also visited Agia Sophia Coffeehouse and Bookstore... enjoying our delicious homemade soups!


The same evening she delivered a wonderful talk to a full church entitled "Scripture in Orthodox Liturgy and Everyday Life" following the Small Compline service. In her talk Sr. Vassa helped connect us to the service of Great Vespers. She helped us understand the Liturgical and spiritual significance of Psalms 103, 1, 140 (Septuagint numbering) as well as the prayer of St. Simeon (Luke 2:29-32), and gave practical ways on how we can apply them to our daily lives.


We pray that God would continue to bless and strengthen Sr. Vassa in her ministry! Please be sure to check out her website and subscribe to her audio podcasts, and daily reflections at