Iconography - 07/02/17

Christ the Saviour Orthodox Church (Harrisburg, PA) welcomed Fr. Theodore Jurewicz back to our parish (June 13 - July 2) to continue working on our temple iconography. This visit saw the completion of the Angelic Liturgy icons, which are located immediately outside the iconostasis, in the nave of the church. They reflect the heavenly reality of our worship - as we pray during the Liturgy of St. Basil -


O Lord, our God, Thou hast created us and brought us into this life. Thou hast shown us the ways to salvation, and have bestowed upon us the revelation of heavenly mysteries. Thou hast appointed us to this service in the power of Thy Holy Spirit. Therefore, O Lord, enable us to become servers of Thy new Covenant and ministers of Thy holy Mysteries... Look down on us, O God, and observe this our worship. Accept it as Thou didst accepted the gifts of Abel, the sacrifices of Noah, the whole burnt offerings of Abraham, the priestly offices of Moses and Aaron, and the peace-offerings of Samuel. As Thou didst accept this true worship from Thine holy Apostles, so now, in Thy goodness, accept these gifts from the hands of us sinners...


Before he left Fr. Theodore also sketched out two of the Altar icons - Moses and Aaron in the Sanctuary, as well as Melchizedek with Abraham and Lot. On his next visit he will complete these as well as icons of the Feeding of Israel with the Manna, and the Feeding of the 5,000 on the North and South Altar Walls respectively. 


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Glory to God for all things!